Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flying Low....a little too low this Monday morning!

Got back from a great vacation over Super Bowl weekend with my three brothers in Key West and felt lousy for the following four weeks.  No matter what I did, my blood sugars ran between 300 and 400.  Each time I tested and saw those results, I took 4-5 units of Humalog...which is a lot for me since I usually only take 3-4 units per day over the Lantus long acting stuff.  Went to see my Doctor and she ordered a full panel of blood tests and nothing was wrong...I must have a viral infection which is the reason the prescription meds didn't do anything. 

It finally went away last Sunday after four weeks.  Monday at 4:30 am my wife can't wake me and she calls 911.  I wake up they tell me my sugar was at 27.  This is bad...I actually thought I wasn't going to make it when I first gained consciousness.  Of course, there were 6 emt's around the bed administering glucose intravenously.  I hate when that happens and thanked them profously for their service.

Since being on my low carb diet, I've been able to almost eliminate the Humalog which is the ultra fast acting stuff and usually the cause of low sugars, especially if you take some at night.  The transition from being sick and recovering created the super low sugar since I didn't need the extra to combat the infection. 

Once again, my main premise/philosophy that I now follow religiously is to minimize the carbs which let's me minimize the Humalog.  This insulin is like dynamite.  You have to watch it closely. 

Once again, diabetes is a matter of juggling three issues....four in this instance:  Food (carbs), exercise, insulin, and illness.  If one of those four are out of whack, you have to fix it. 

Till next time.


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